IMO Core in NextGen: Benefits and Q&A


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Your organization relies greatly on your NextGen EHR – from HCC capture, to value-based care initiatives, to billing and reimbursement needs. Isn’t it time to make sure you’re making the most of all of the functions that it can offer?

With enhanced search that helps clinicians document care with greater specificity; effective use of billing history to help encourage patient compliance with follow-up appointments; and an optimized problem list that helps your organization meet important regulatory needs, IMO Core is the key to maximizing your EHR’s potential.

Watch this Q&A with IMO's Jo Mazza and Johanna Weiler where they cover:

  • How IMO Core can help promote your organizational strategies
  • Why documenting with IMO Core’s increased specificity is crucial for billing and reimbursement needs
  • The process of logging a support case and viewing resolution notes in IMO Core