Alastair Allen
Chief Technology Officer

Dale Sanders
Chief Strategy Officer

Navigating healthcare’s data quality challenge: An actionable discussion

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Integrating disparate EHR data to achieve a consolidated patient record is a chronic problem in the US healthcare system stemming from broader issues like mergers and acquisitions. In these situations, organizations often choose the costly and distracting option to "rip and replace" existing EHRs and consolidate into a single vendor platform. And while many in the healthcare industry hoped that HIEs or FHIR would alleviate some of the challenges of dealing with the resulting non-standardized data, progress in the US is painfully slow.

The underlying problem is the lack of comprehensive and persistent clinical terminology and data standards adoption. It's simply not enough to exchange data and messages; we must speak the same language.

Listen to the on-demand webinar with Alastair Allen, CTO of Better, a UK company with a unique FHIR-based approach to integrating disparate EHR data, and Dale Sanders, Chief Strategy Officer at IMO. Together, they will explore ways to help increase the quality of clinical data and discuss how others in the healthcare space create interoperable information that more effectively supports goals like patient safety, reimbursement, and population health.

This conversation addresses:

  • The problems with disparate data sources in the EHR
  • How the growing complexity of the care delivery system impacts patient data
  • Tactical approaches to help improve data quality in healthcare