Undercoded & underpaid: Making it easier to document to optimize reimbursement


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While providers are inclined to document patient encounters in intuitive, clinical language, payers need clinical documentation to be highly specific and accurately linked to standard administrative codes.

Indeed, specificity is essential if these codes are to capture the full scope of a patient’s condition. Without it, gaps occur in the medical record that may hinder patient care and stand in the way of optimized reimbursement. So, how can the process be streamlined to help clinicians document with the required granularity while connecting to the appropriate administrative codes?

Listen to our webinar where we discuss:

  • How to simplify precise documentation for clinicians
  • The effects of imprecise coding on reimbursement
  • Why accurate code capture at the point of care can have positive downstream impacts on population health initiatives
  • How third-party solutions integrated into the EHR can lessen the burdens associated with documentation



Deepak Pillai, MD
Physician Informaticist


June Bronnert, MHI, RHIA, CCS, CCS-P
Senior VP, Global Clinical Services

Nicole Douglas
Sales Engineer