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How to better identify HCCs in the EHR


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Medicare Advantage (MA) has tripled in size over the last decade and continues to grow. This makes the accurate capture of Hierarchical Condition Category (HCC) codes – a critical aspect of reimbursement under MA programs – increasingly important for a health system’s bottom line.

HCC payments are risk-adjusted based on patient complexity, which translates into higher payouts for providing more complex care. But when HCCs are incorrectly documented – or omitted completely – reimbursements are reduced or even rejected.

Watch this webinar as IMO experts David Arco and June Bronnert explore how to:

  • Minimize monetary loss due to poorly captured HCCs
  • Leverage the EHR to support specificity in documentation
  • Create long-term strategies to manage HCC capture
  • Gain better HCC data at the point-of-care for a more complete picture of a patient population