What lies ahead for
the EHR’s 
problem list

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Clinicians are all too familiar with how the current EHR problem list can become cluttered with a combination of redundant, missing, and outdated diagnoses. Indeed, current displays are rarely designed to help clinicians process the available data effectively. But the good news is, these issues (and others) can be the impetus for innovation.

In this webinar, three of IMO’s clinicians discuss possible improvements in problem list functionality – like creating, maintaining, and displaying problems more efficiently for clinical use. Doing so could help minimize errors in patient care and decrease the cognitive load on clinicians.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn:

  • How physician-focused displays could be improved
  • What problem list content can be enhanced with automation
  • Ways to maintain clinical focus and still optimize reimbursement


James Thompson, MD, ABEM, ABIM
Physician Informaticist


Deepak Pillai, MD, MBA, FAMIA
Physician Informaticist

Jonathan Gold, MD, MHA, MSc, FAMIA, FHIMSS
Physician Informaticist