Too important to fail: How to bring better AI to healthcare


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Artificial intelligence (AI) has been a buzzword in healthcare for several years now, with multinational companies and countless startups vying to upset the industry. And while AI is having some success in healthcare, it hasn’t proven to be the magic pixie dust that broadly solves the industry’s challenges.  

While it’s relatively easy to get healthcare data and to build an AI demo, getting AI to perform reliably and with meaningful impact is much harder. The good news is that there are strategies for delivering AI products to commercial markets.

Join IMO’s Chief Strategy Officer, Dale Sanders, and Marc d. Paradis, Vice President of Data Strategy at Northwell Holdings & Ventures, for a fireside chat where they will discuss the status of AI in healthcare today; the vital importance of data quality; methodological rigor and product focus for successful AI; and what this means to the startup and investor world in the future.


  • Education about the status of AI in healthcare today
  • The role of data quality in building better AI
  • What founders and investors need to know about AI in healthcare