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The Healthcare Analytics Adoption Model: Updates for today’s health IT challenges


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In the years since Dale Sanders published the first version of a blueprint for the progressive maturity of analytics in healthcare, much has changed. Notably, HIMSS modified and adopted the model as an international standard, and about a decade ago, the blueprint was updated based on the growing emergence of value-based care. But, with healthcare changing rapidly and the emergence of COVID-19, it may be time to ask the question: is the model still valid? And did the organizations that followed it, manage to respond more effectively to the pandemic than those that didn’t?

In this webinar, Sanders will share his observations about the model, suggest important changes to it, and discuss how the foundational levels of the model — which deal with standardized vocabularies and definitions of patient cohorts — are woefully immature across the industry. Each level in the eight-level framework will be reviewed, covering:

  • DATA & ANALYTICS COMPENTENCY – Capabilities enabled by data
  • DATA GOVERNANCE – Data governance status, data management status data – such as reusable data, naming conventions – and reporting structure
  • INFRASTRUCTURE – Data warehouse status, update frequency, accessibility of data
  • DATA CONTENT – Data included in the data warehouse
Watch now to learn how this framework applies to today’s healthcare challenges.