Unlocking better data through normalization: An IMO/MMRF case study

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The task of securing high quality clinical patient data can be daunting for any research organization. Differences among electronic health record vendors leads to inconsistencies in data. The methods used to aggregate and share data can result in the loss of important details. And ultimately, this incomplete information leads to the loss of context and clinical intent. For the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF), finding a way to fix these issues is critical to their mission of finding a cure for multiple myeloma.

In this brief but informative webinar recording, Steven Labkoff, MD, the former Chief Data Officer at MMRF and Matt Cardwell, PhD, Vice President, of Client Services at IMO, discuss how IMO – specifically IMO Precision Normalize – is helping the MMRF to recover and re-introduce missing data to help them gain greater insights from their existing oncology datasets.

Watch now to learn:
  • The importance of enhancing clinical data to better understand clinical intent
  • How improved clinical data quality will help MMRF’s analytics partners
  • The foundational role of IMO terminology for patient data standardization



Steven Labkoff, MD
Former Chief Data Officer
Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF)


Matt Cardwell, PhD
Vice President of Client Services