Stop running from your problem (list): Strategies for streamlining the EHR’s front page


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Clinicians are all too familiar with the long-standing issues that plague problem lists – like outdated or duplicative entries; rigid displays; and the limits of native EHR capabilities. How to mitigate these challenges? It starts with optimizing the clinician’s experience. After all, even though the problems with the problem list will require a team effort to improve, providers are the ones who need these solutions the most.

Listen as Amanda Heidemann MD, FAAFP, CMIO of CMIO Services, LLC and Jim Thompson, MD, Physician Informaticist at IMO, explore how creating a problem list governance strategy will help solve the list’s problems.

Watch the webinar to learn about: 

  • Strategies for analyzing your problem list’s current problems
  • Creating a problem list governance strategy
  • Measuring the progress of problem list improvements