Tackling lab data normalization: An HIE case study

Deanna Towne and Matt Cardwell, PhD

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Health information exchanges (HIEs) are constantly seeking new ways to provide value to their markets, often through data-driven reporting and initiatives. Data normalization (or standardization) is a crucial yet cumbersome process needed to ensure the success of these projects.

The COVID-19 crisis provided the Colorado HIE, CORHIO, with an opportunity to support their participants through lab aggregation and public health dashboards. In order to improve their data quality and provide helpful public health tools quickly, CORHIO has partnered with IMO and shares their story in this on-demand webinar.

Watch the webinar to: 

  • Discover how an HIE can differentiate their services to innovate and add value to their market
  • Understand key challenges HIEs are facing with lab data 
  • Identify strategies to improve lab data surveillance efforts


Deanna Towne
Chief Information Officer


Matt Cardwell, PhD
VP, Client Services