Unlocking the power of data: How HIEs can better support their participants


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HIEs receive countless terabytes of patient data from participating provider EHRs – and that volume is growing every year. Within these records lies valuable clinical information including details of physician intent captured at the point of care. HIEs can serve their participants in many ways, including building better alerts, supporting regulatory reporting needs, enabling interoperability, and helping their region(s) with clinical surveillance. But no matter how you support your participants, HIEs must have data that is accurate, actionable, and normalized in order to unlock its analytic power.

Check out IMO’s latest webinar to learn how understanding intent at point of care and normalizing your data in a new way can unlock its analytic power.

Watch the webinar to: 

  • Discover how to interpret the descriptions and standard code sets you receive from your health system partners
  • Hear how other leading HIEs use normalized data to improve offerings for their clients and communities
  • Discuss potential operational savings stemming from a new normalization approach


Jaime Bland
Chief Executive Officer


Naresh Sundar Rajan
Chief Technology Officer

Matt Cardwell, PhD
Vice President, Client Services


John Laursen
VP, Business Development