COVID-19: Preparing your OR for elective surgeries

David Bocanegra, RN and Janice Kelly, MS, RN-BC

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As the relentless spread of COVID-19 continues, the financial impact on hospitals has been devasting. During the last several months expenses have soared, and hospitals have either put elective surgeries on hold or canceled them altogether. For most hospitals, these procedures account for the bulk of their revenue, which means the delays have caused significant financial strain and raised growing concerns on how to recover.

Listen to our webinar as Janice Kelly, MS, RN-BC, President of AORN Syntegrity Inc. and David Bocanegra, RN, Nurse Informaticist at IMO, discuss the steps and guidelines for safely resuming elective surgeries, along with how healthcare information technology can help optimize efficiencies and achieve better financial outcomes when returning to the operating room (OR).

Watch the webinar to: 

  • Discover how changing the way perioperative teams approach scheduling can increase overall profitability
  • Identify practices to improve provider reimbursement through OR optimization
  • Explore how a recovery plan for resuming elective surgeries can help maximize patient and staff safety
  • Discuss principles and guidelines to prepare for post COVID-19 pandemic operations


David Bocanegra, RN
Nurse Informaticist
Intelligent Medical Objects


Janice Kelly, MS, RN-BC
AORN Syntegrity Inc.