Best practices for improving clinical workflows in your EHR

Jim Thompson, MD 

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As data-capture requirements continue to grow and scientific knowledge and technologies evolve, clinical workflows have become more and more complex. EHRs can automate certain workflows, such as order-entry systems that help determine the clinical appropriateness of a procedure, or adding screening questions to standardized intake forms. In some instances, however, the design or implementation of workflows may be overly complex or not optimized for a particular care setting.

Hear about various strategies clinicians can use to leverage the power of their EHRs for more efficient workflows.

Watch the webinar to: 

  • Explore the situational factors contributing to the complexity of clinical workflows
  • Discuss how current technologies might sometimes interfere with clinical workflows and impact the provider experience
  • Examine ways to modify EHR workflows and collaborate with EHR vendors to better meet clinicians’ needs


Jim Thompson, MD
Physician Informaticist
Intelligent Medical Objects