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Streamlining your surgical workflows for better financial outcomes

David Bocanegra, RN and Alex Dawson

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Surgical procedures generate the majority of revenue for many healthcare systems. Despite this, coordinating operating rooms and scheduling surgeries is a practice often fraught with inefficiencies. Thankfully, health systems in this situation can increase their profitability with tools that allow for optimal reimbursement within the perioperative setting.

Listen to IMO's nurse informaticist, David Bocanegra, and product manager Alex Dawson as they discuss the ways in which improved perioperative practices can enhance surgical workflows, reduce inefficiencies, and ultimately help health systems maximize their financial potential.

Watch the webinar to: 

• Identify practices to help optimize O.R. workflows and maximize provider reimbursement
• Discuss how changes to perioperative management of procedures can support increased profitability
• Explore factors that can impede perioperative workflow practices


David Bocanegra, RN
Nurse Informaticist


Alex Dawson
Product Manager