Navigating data complexity across the health IT ecosystem

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Patient data is the backbone of healthcare analytics. Nearly every type of organization – be it a clinical data registry (CDR), an integrated delivery network (IDN), or a health information exchange (HIE) – touches and uses patient data every day.

Making clinical data useful, however, can be a challenge. As the volume of data and the number of data sources and systems grow, it takes more and more time and manpower to “clean” the information for each data-driven initiative.

In this on-demand webinar, our presenters investigate three use cases for patient data through the lens of three different types of healthcare organizations, exploring how data quality issues impact each scenario, and how properly normalized data can help in each instance.

Watch the webinar to: 

  • Review the importance of accurate, aggregated patient data within the healthcare ecosystem
  • Examine key challenges of maintaining accurate and complete patient data
  • See how various organizations are impacted by data quality issues and strategies to address these challenges


Dan Exley, MMI, FABC
Founder & President
Exley Informatics

Matt Cardwell, PhD
Vice President, Client Services