Making the problem list an effective clinical tool


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The medical problem list is foundational to quality care. Unfortunately, problem lists are often not up to the task, especially when it comes to patients with co-morbid or complex conditions. These lists are frequently cluttered, unorganized, and littered with duplicates or resolved problems which can distract clinicians from more relevant – even critical – information.

In this webinar, we explore how to address these pressing issues and leverage the problem list as an effective clinical tool to drive efficiency, safety, and satisfaction.

Watch the webinar to: 

  • Review the challenges of problem list management
  • Identify how problem list maintenance impacts the physician experience, clinical workflows, and patient care
  • Examine ways to improve the usability of problem lists
  • Learn how implementing best practices for problem lists can influence clinician satisfaction, efficiency, and the quality of patient care 


Jim Thompson, MD
Physician Informaticist