Get the most out of your EHR investment

Dr. Jim Thompson and Obaid Baig

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Clinicians often encounter technological hurdles when working to deliver better patient care. As users strive to manage and synthesize patient and population data, EHRs offer obvious advantages as a powerful technology when optimized to meet doctors’ needs for their patients.

Tune in as Physician Informaticist, Dr. Jim Thompson and Product Manager, Obaid Baig discuss how to make the most of your EHR, maximizing this powerful tool to help your organization improve workflows and documentation so clinicians can focus on care, not coding and reimbursements.

Watch the webinar to: 

  • Understand how your EHR can evolve to support your changing needs
  • Discover how to lessen the administrative burden on clinicians
  • Learn how to maximize the return on your EHR investment


Dr. Jim Thompson
Physician Informaticist
Intelligent Medical Objects


Obaid Baig
Product Manager
Intelligent Medical Objects