Value Sets: Trends, challenges,
and the IMO approach

Dr. Julie Glasgow and Reeti Chauhan

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With the transition to an outcomes-based care model, organizations will be assessed on the outcomes of their treatment plans, not the volume of procedures provided. As a result, it is critical for healthcare systems to accurately identify patient cohorts since they provide the foundation for properly assessing patient outcomes and thus improving clinical care.

In this webinar, learn how to streamline the process of making precise, accurate cohorts in order to help healthcare organizations meet the new demands of outcomes-based care models.

Watch the webinar to: 

  • Ease the burden on providers adjusting to the new reimbursement model
  • Improve the accuracy, ease, and efficiency of complying with reporting metrics
  • Support new initiatives that enhance patient care and hospital reputation


Dr. Julie Glasgow
Clinical Terminologist
Intelligent Medical Objects


Reeti Chauhan
IMO Senior Product Manager
Intelligent Medical Objects