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For almost three decades, IMO has made the creation and usability of rich, accurate clinical data both fast and easy. That’s because we’re present at the point of care – supporting Epic users and more than 740,000 physicians every day. But data capture is just the start. We empower our clients to normalize and structure information across sites, settings, and health IT solutions. Let us show you how.

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Solutions grounded in IMO’s industry-leading clinical terminology can standardize patient data, simplify workflows, and enable insights you can trust.

As an Epic user, odds are you’re already leveraging IMO. But our solutions go far beyond terminology, helping health systems:

  Document diagnoses and procedures with specificity
  Make problem lists more meaningful and usable
  Streamline OR scheduling and dependent periop workflows

In addition, IMO quality management solutions play a pivotal role in generating consistent, structured patient data from siloed sources, enabling actionable insights and improved analysis. IMO helps health systems:

 Standardize and enrich disparate clinical diagnosis, procedure, medication, and lab data
 Accurately map descriptive data to standardized code sets
 Create reliable patient cohorts

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