A new approach to normalizing data

Ross Martin, MD, MHA, FAMIA, Rajiv Haravu and Denise Stoermer

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Healthcare organizations, health information exchanges (HIEs), and healthcare information systems (HISs) are managing more patient data than ever before. EHRs and other HIS make gathering that data easy, but data on its own is of limited value. In theory, this abundance of information is readily available to help with quality improvement and population health initiatives. In reality, however, data is streaming in from multiple systems often with varying quality, accuracy and completeness, making the results of any data analyses potentially unreliable.

IMO Precision Normalize powers more accurate insights with a normalization engine that improves clinical, quality, and financial decision-making. It standardizes inconsistent diagnosis, procedure, medication, and lab data from diverse systems into common, clinically validated terminology.

Watch the webinar to: 

  • Explore the barriers to improving analytics when dealing with disparate data sources
  • Understand the implications of poor data quality
  • Discover how IMO Precision Normalize can improve clinical and financial decision-making 


Ross Martin, MD, MHA, FAMIA
360 Degree Insights LLC

Denise Stoermer
Product Manager
Intelligent Medical Objects

Rajiv Haravu
Senior Product Manager
Intelligent Medical Objects