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Technology as a partner:
Re-engaging clinicians for success

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It seems like everywhere we look, we find technology that makes our lives easier. Indeed, it’s hard to think about how we’d function without the capabilities of our computers, smartphones, tablets and apps. But for medical professionals, the myriad technology solutions in use today occasionally feel like more of an obstacle than an aid.

While the adoption of electronic health records has added to the clinician’s administrative duties, returning to paper medical records clearly isn’t the answer. Thankfully, important steps can – and are – being taken to make healthcare technology more of a partner to those who use it across the continuum of care.

IMO’s Chief Medical Officer, Andrew Kanter, MD, MPH, FACMI, FAMIA, explores the progress being made toward this goal and how changes to the ways in which data is aggregated, transformed, and summarized can help chart a new course forward. Download Dr. Kanter’s white paper to learn more.