IMO has partnered with Redox, the most diverse and scalable interoperability solution in healthcare, to drive the exchange of better-quality data. As your customer base grows and you receive data from an increasing number of health systems, it can become highly variable, full of gaps, and lose key components. This can lead to extra staff time spent manually filling in those gaps, adding an unnecessary drain on clinical resources. 

Partnership at-a-glance
Together, Redox and IMO Precision Normalize maximize the value of healthcare data by providing code set normalization for medical problems and diagnoses. Reduce manual work and improve the quality of your data by standardizing codes from diverse systems into consistent, structured, clinically-validated terminology, including comprehensive mapping to major global coding systems. 

Enrich your data and customer experience
: Provide the next generation of patient and clinician experiences with code set normalization that minimizes manual data cleansing

Scale with one point of integration: Augment your data using consistent terminology across all data standards, formats, and workflows

Fast-track product development: Integrate seamlessly within tech stacks via a single API call to address problem, diagnosis, medication, and lab information

Focus on product innovation: Eliminate the lengthy and error-prone process of stitching together point solutions so your team can focus on building your product

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