Insight brief

Accurate value sets: The basis for clinical initiatives and targeted analysis

Healthcare organizations rely heavily on value sets in order to identify distinct patient populations. However, creating and maintaining these important tools is complex and challenging, often diverting valuable resources from other essential tasks.

In our latest insight brief, we delve into value sets and their importance in various healthcare initiatives such as population health management, quality reporting, clinical trials, and more. We also highlight the challenges organizations face when managing value sets, including:

  • Issues with processes such as time-consuming manual data manipulation due to code set updates and inconsistent methods for building value sets; and
  • Issues with value set definitions and data ambiguity including competing methods for defining value sets and the frequent absence of a centralized repository in which to store them
Fortunately, like most challenges, there is a solution – in this case, one that leverages comprehensive clinical terminology and code mappings along with innovative tooling to streamline the creation and editing of value sets.

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