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Moving beyond data cleansing: How data scientists are reclaiming their time

Data scientists spend a significant portion of their time, nearly 40%1, on data preparation and cleansing. This often diverts their attention from the more engaging aspects of their work – like modeling, analysis, and innovation.

For this insight brief, we reached out to data science leaders across healthcare and health IT, to ask them to share their experiences and strategies for tackling the time-consuming tasks of data cleansing.

From establishing Data Governance Committees (DGCs) to implementing robust normalization solutions, their responses are insightful and practical. They offer concrete ways for organizations to better support their data science teams, enabling them to focus on higher-value tasks and truly unlock their potential. Additionally, some experts share their ambitions for what they could do if they spent less time on data cleansing and preparation.

Download the brief for more on how data scientists can reclaim their time and how organizations can support them.

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