Intelligent insights:
Data challenges, tech investments, and shifting provider priorities

There’s no shortage of challenges facing healthcare providers in 2023. With growing expectations to improve patient care, make better use of disparate clinical data, and leverage artificial intelligence (AI), many are looking toward technology investments to address these and other hurdles.

But how can organizations identify the right solutions when there seem to be endless vendor options and fluctuating priorities?

IMO conducted an in-depth survey of more than 300 leaders responsible for implementing and purchasing technology for US hospitals and health systems. Their responses revealed pervasive concerns about data quality, vendor management, and staff burnout, while remaining optimistic about the potential for new technologies to create a better path forward.

A few of the survey’s key findings from provider leaders:

  • 90% admitted to situations where they had lost or leaked revenue due to inefficient data use
  • 37% reported that poor or no data enablement technology was their biggest barrier
  • 54% plan to invest in data enablement software in addition to solutions that help support workflow optimization and clinical-decision making

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