Lessons on data quality: What health IT can learn from 5 peer industries

Healthcare’s data quality problem isn’t going anywhere. In fact, as information becomes even easier to share – and sources more disparate – the problem of ensuring that all this information is both complete and useful for decision-making becomes increasingly difficult to solve.

Given all of the obstacles to creating and maintaining high quality data, it can feel overwhelming to find the right “fix” for your organization’s challenge(s). However, for those in healthcare, a valuable place to start may be looking at how other industries have overcome their own unique barriers to data quality and how their solutions positively impacted downstream uses.

From realizing the value of a proactive data governance plan to the need for granular information to the impact of changing mindsets, healthcare stands to learn a lot from peer industries.

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  • Aerospace
  • The military
  • Aviation
  • Federal law enforcement
  • National intelligence

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