White Paper

A different kind of Rosetta Stone: The pivotal role of clinical interface terminology in healthcare

In their early days, electronic health records (EHRs) were used primarily for billing and coding. However, as EHR adoption increased, use cases grew, which placed more demands on clinicians. Soon enough, the intuitive process of documenting a patient’s condition in natural, clinical language, was replaced by the stress of finding and memorizing standardized codes – a process that left the patient’s chart incomplete and physicians struggling to communicate in a foreign tongue.

In this paper, we explore how clinical interface terminology (CIT), healthcare’s Rosetta Stone, is used to translate everyday clinical language into standardized, administrative codes. We also take a closer look at the pivotal role CIT plays in:

  • Precise EHR documentation
  • Accurate billing and reimbursement
  • Interoperability across the healthcare ecosystem
  • Population health and analytics

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