White paper

The evolution of the electronic health record: Toward better optimization for clinical use

In their infancy, electronic health records (EHRs) only handled the basic billing and coding needs of certain hospital systems. However, as technology evolved so too did the EHR’s capabilities. What began as a technological system to be used by a handful of staff became a much more complex platform with a vastly widened scope.

Today, user-friendly EHR technology is more important than ever. From managing patient populations, to complying with regulatory agencies, to processing invoices and managing claims, it is full of priceless data. But, without solutions to smartly manage this information, the EHR’s abundance of content can be too much of a good thing.

Download IMO’s whitepaper for a closer look at the evolution of the EHR and how these essential healthcare tools are likely to adapt and improve in the years ahead.

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