White paper

Interoperability, information blocking, and the coming data tsunami

Most of us can remember a time when we went to the doctor, only to find that test results or lab orders hadn’t arrived yet. Or, maybe you switched physicians and recall what a challenge it was to move your medical records from one practice to the other.

Fixing this problem means increasing interoperability – making it easier to share data from doctor to doctor, hospital to hospital. On the surface, this sounds like a great thing, and in many ways it is. But there’s a catch.

In order to make interoperability and data sharing work for all of us, we have to make it work for the clinicians in charge of care. That means pursuing interoperability goals intelligently, ensuring that a surge in data volume doesn’t overwhelm providers.

Download the latest whitepaper from IMO’s Chief Medical Officer, Andrew S. Kanter, MD, MPH, to learn why a “data tsunami” is looming and how it can be addressed.

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