Strategies for optimizing medical problem lists

Runtime: 1 hour


A well-structured, accurate, and intuitive medical problem list has the power to not only alleviate clinician frustration but also significantly improve patient outcomes – provided it's utilized effectively. With this in mind, IMO recently surveyed 300 physicians about the challenges and opportunities surrounding medical problem lists.

Listen to IMO Health's Chief Clinical Officer, Steven H. Rube, MD, who will reveal key findings from the survey and discuss the steps providers can take to manage problem lists effectively.


  • Understand how inaccuracies, redundancies, and organizational hurdles contribute to clinician frustration and burnout
  • Explore AI's potential to support more useful problem list tooling
  • Discover the benefits of adopting a categorized, easily navigable approach to managing medical problem lists

Featured speaker(s)

Steven H. Rube, MD, FAMIA
Chief Clinical Officer

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