Navigating the data maze: AI, NLP and value set solutions for clinical data challenges

Runtime: 1 hour


While a wealth of clinical data exists, how usable that data can be remains a challenge for those in healthcare and health tech. This valuable resource cannot reach its full potential to inform decisions and impact outcomes without solving the issue of gaps and variety in clinical data. For this reason, many organizations are now focusing on strategies to improve the quality of data to make it more accurate, complete, and usable.

Listen as our health tech experts discuss the challenges preventing usable data, the innovative tools that help extract, standardize, and enrich data, and considerations for implementing new solutions.

What You'll Learn

  • Uncover how natural language processing (NLP) can transform unstructured data into meaningful insights
  • Learn how normalization engines can help you standardize data formats for consistency and accuracy
  • Understand how value set management tools can help define and manage clinical concepts to pave the way for meaningful data interpretation

Featured speaker(s)

Mamtha Mishra
Group Product Manager
Hao Ding, PhD
Manager, Group Projects

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