Enhancing payer-provider collaboration: Strategies for improved HCC data quality

Runtime: 30 mins.


Payers face several challenges with the quality of data derived from the electronic health record (EHR), including vague diagnoses and missed hierarchical condition categories (HCCs).

In this webinar, our experts unpack factors contributing to these issues, like inaccurate problem lists and cumbersome clinical workflows. They also discuss how terminology and technology can help address these problems while enhancing communication between payers and providers.

Webinar objectives

  • Explore underlying reasons behind unspecific diagnoses and missed HCCs
  • Understand the impact of these challenges on reimbursement models and value-based care initiatives
  • Investigate how leveraging certain technologies can streamline the HCC capture processes

Featured speaker(s)

David Arco
Director, Product Management
Sheena Coke
Senior Product Manager

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