Forecasting healthcare: AI’s role in the years ahead

Runtime: 1 hour


With recent and continued advancements in generative AI in healthcare, many are wondering how it will impact the industry over the coming years. So, what do experts predict?

Listen to this panel discussion with leading health IT professionals as they dive into the role of generative AI in healthcare and what the future may hold. From improving patient care to streamlining administrative processes, discover how this technology could propel the industry forward.


  • Explore how large language models (LLMs) and generative AI can organize healthcare data and improve how it's connected
  • Discover how new, user-friendly technology helps healthcare workers use complex data easily, improving decision-making and their experience
  • Hear from experts about how generative AI influences clinical decisions and imagine a future where technology supports healthcare teams

Featured speaker(s)

Ines Maria Vigil MD, MPH, MBA
SVP Services & Transformation
Clarify Health
Xiaoyan Wang, PhD, FAMIA
Senior Vice President, Life Science Solutions
Megan Chamberlain
Manager, Content Marketing
Amol Bhalla, MD, M.SCI, MHSA, MBA
Senior Director of Clinical Informatics

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