Harnessing AI: How NLP and terminologies can shape the future of rare disease care

Runtime: 30 mins. 


Rare disease care requires the identification of eligible patients for specialized interventions. However, that task is often time-consuming and laborious, involving the manual extraction of data from a myriad of sources, structured and unstructured alike.

Fortunately, technology powered by artificial intelligence (AI), such as natural language processing (NLP), can help accelerate the time it takes to accurately identify eligible patients. Join us for an upcoming webinar that will delve deeper into this issue.

Learning objectives:

  • Discover efficient cohort strategies using IMO’s clinical terminology, embedded in all major EHRs
  • Examine real-life examples of how our NLP and AI data quality models are already making a difference in the world of rare diseases 
  • Understand how NLP and AI, when coupled with accurate terminology, can help reduce the time it takes to identify patients with rare diseases

Featured speaker(s)

John Laursen
Senior Vice President of Commercialization

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