Natural language processing (NLP) technology: A brief tutorial

Runtime: 40 mins.


In this webinar, Frank Manion, PhD and Andre Pontin offer a comprehensive exploration of natural language processing (NLP) tailored for healthcare professionals. Gain a solid understanding of the significance of NLP across diverse applications and discover its impact on reporting, billing, and various administrative and clinical processes.

What you'll learn

  • The foundational concepts of NLP and the technology's pivotal role in the healthcare domain
  • The myriad applications of NLP and its relevance in various healthcare use cases, from administrative tasks to clinical processes
  • The tangible impact of NLP on reporting, billing, and overall healthcare operations, along with insights into its transformative potential for professionals in the field

Featured speaker(s)

Frank J. Manion, PhD, FAMIA
VP, Organizational Transformation
Andre Pontin
Executive VP of Organizational Transformation

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