Roche x Melax Tech pilot project

Runtime: 15 mins. 


Melax Tech, now part of IMO, collaborated with Roche in a pilot project led by Stefanie Kaufmann, Roche's lead data scientist, to address the challenge of extracting structured data from unstructured patient reports in clinical settings. Leveraging natural language processing (NLP), Melax Tech successfully automated the extraction of meaningful and normalized information from clinical notes, with a particular focus on rich pathological details.

Learning objectives

  • Explore how Melax Tech and Roche collaborated to address the clinical challenges of retrieving accurate and scalable pathological information from clinical notes
  • Learn how Melax Tech employed NLP to automatically extract structured data from unstructured patient reports, eliminating the need for manual reports
  • See how a NLP solution can handle a large volume of clinical data and deliver meaningful insights for decision-making in healthcare settings

Featured speaker(s)

Xiaoyan Wang, PhD, FAMIA
SVP, Life Science Solutions
Stefanie Kaufmann
Lead Data Scientist

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