The power of LLMs in healthcare: How they could propel the industry forward

Runtime: 40 mins. 


As the healthcare industry grapples with how to effectively harness artificial intelligence (AI), specifically large language models (LLMs), to convert raw data into actionable insights, one of the keys to success is semantic interoperability – the ability to transmit clinical concepts while preserving clinical intent.

However, achieving semantic interoperability, especially in healthcare data, is a significant challenge.

In this webinar, IMO subject matter expert Amol Bhalla, MD, unpacks the complexities of this task and explains why clinically trained LLMs, that are then used for natural language processing (NLP) applications, are critical to derive accurate healthcare insights.


Webinar objectives:

  • Provide a closer look at the development of LLMs
  • Explain the importance and inherent challenges of achieving semantic interoperability  
  • Explore strategies to optimize LLMs for practical use, enhancing patient care and decision-making

Featured speaker(s)

Amol Bhalla, MD, M.Sci, MHSA, MBA
Senior Director of Clinical Informatics

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