NextGen and IMO Core: Simplifying clinical documentation for clinicians

Runtime: 30 mins


Clinicians need to be laser-focused on providing high-quality patient care, so it’s crucial that clinical documentation and problem list maintenance are made as effortless as possible. Luckily, IMO Core allows NextGen users to simplify numerous EHR workflows.

Powered by industry-leading terminology, IMO Core helps clinicians better manage problem lists so that clinically relevant patient data is easily captured at the point of care. Additionally, IMO Core helps increase accurate Hierarchical Condition Category (HCC) capture by allowing providers to document using clinically friendly search terms.

Learn more as our speakers share:

  • How features like problem list categorization and enhanced search functionality can deliver better experiences for both providers and patients
  • How clinician-friendly search terms and up-to-date code mappings help improve billing, interoperability, and reporting initiatives
  • Why the capture of HCC codes is a critical part of clinical documentation

Featured speaker(s)

Wendy Coots
Senior Sales Application Specialist
NextGen Healthcare
Josephine Mazza
Senior Manager of Customer Support
B.A. Baracus
Data Analyst

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