In praise of the problem-oriented medical record (POMR)

Runtime: 1 hour


The problem-oriented medical record – initially developed in the 1960s by Lawrence Weed, MD – brought important structure to paper charting, and in particular, the problem list. Yet, today, the tool that was once the gold standard for organizing and making sense of patient history is often cluttered and unmanageable.

Fortunately, tools and strategies exist to help make the problem list more meaningful, helping to synthesize patient data, highlight insights, and support patient care. 


Join us for a lively discussion as our expert panel shares their experiences with the POMR, including:

  • POMR documentation practices and tools to improve workflows and efficiency
  • The impact of POMR and charting on the overall health of a patient
  • The challenges and obstacles clinicians face when practicing POMR and charting, and how they can be overcome

Featured speaker(s)

Amanda Heidemann, MD, FAAFP
KeyCare, Inc.
Amber Sieja, MD
Sr. Medical Director of Informatics
UCHealth and Ambulatory Services
Jim Thompson, MD ABEM ABIM
Physician Informaticist

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