Q&A Panel Discussion

How does a global pandemic reshape health IT? A panel discussion

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As COVID-19 continues to spread, regulation changes, code system updates, and an increased reliance on technology are making it hard to stay on top of the many ways the pandemic is altering health IT. What’s more, we’re confronting challenges that rely heavily on technological solutions – like accurate reporting tools or telehealth adaptations – and we need those solutions now.

So how can we – as an industry – keep up with the changes? Listen as IMO hosted a panel discussion with subject matter experts across the enterprise, who share insights on how the global pandemic is reshaping the health IT world.


Rob Wallace (Moderator)
Chief Product Officer
Intelligent Medical Objects


Andrew S. Kanter, MD, MPH, FACMI, FAMIA
Chief Medical Officer
Intelligent Medical Objects

Lori Kevin
VP, Enterprise IT & Security
Intelligent Medical Objects


Sahas Subramanian
Enterprise Architect
Intelligent Medical Objects