Prepare for the regulatory release with IMO Studio

Runtime: 30 mins.


IMO Studio is now your one-stop access point to all IMO clinical terminology and standardized reference data. The platform makes it easier to consume and manage IMO terminology, code sets, and data management in a secure and user-friendly environment.

Tune into the webinar to learn how to use new capabilities in IMO Studio that will make it faster and easier to prepare for the upcoming regulatory release.


  • Overview of new features in IMO Studio
  • Navigating the regulatory release which will include the new ICD-10-CM code updates
  • Learn how to compare and customize terminology releases
  • See how to retrieve SNOMED CT® US and additional reference data coordinated with the accompanying IMO terminology
  • Q&A

Featured speaker(s)

Josephine Carson (Mazza)
Senior Manager, Customer Support
Justin Laub
Manager, Product
Blake Carson
Director, Client Services, Technical Support

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