Introducing IMO Discovery for Problems: 
Revealing hidden insights in your problem lists

Wednesday, October 18 | 12:00 PM CT


Don't let missing information on the problem list hinder clinical decision-making.

In this webinar you will get a first look at IMO Discovery for Problems, our newest and most-advanced problem list solution designed to help clinicians curate comprehensive problem lists necessary for efficient patient care and improved health outcomes.

Learn how IMO Discovery for Problems can help make your EHR work better for your clinicians, uncover hidden patient data, and alleviate the burden of documentation review.

This session will:

  • Explore how IMO Discovery for Problems brings relevant EHR patient data from across the patient record – including unstructured clinical notes – into the problem list
  • Show how this solution helps optimize reimbursement with better oversight and visibility into HCC(s) from previous encounters not on the problem list
  • Demonstrate how IMO Discovery for Problems surfaces problems, chronic conditions, and additional long-term problems addressed in previous encounters that are missing in the problem list

Featured speaker(s)

Jim Thompson, MD, ABEM, ABIM
Physician Informaticist
David Arco
Director, Product Management

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