Introducing IMO Precision Normalize with NLP:

Unlock value from your unstructured data

Runtime; 30 mins.


With nearly 80% of all clinical data existing in unstructured formats such as clinical EHR notes, there is a wealth of information that is unavailable for use.

Natural language processing (NLP) holds great promise to extract more value from unstructured clinical data and IMO is excited to put this technology to good use with our latest solution enhancement.

Listen to our exclusive webinar introducing IMO Precision Normalize with NLP. Built on Melax Tech’s trusted NLP development platform and trained on IMO’s rich, foundational clinical terminology, this solution is uniquely designed to accurately identify clinical concepts in free text. Discover how IMO Precision Normalize with NLP can help your organization to unlock more value from your unstructured data, at scale.

This session will:

  • Discuss barriers to transforming unstructured clinical text into usable data
  • Examine how IMO’s newest NLP solution can help your organization to quickly unlock value from clinical free text
  • Demonstrate IMO Precision Normalize with NLP using real-world use cases

Featured speaker(s)

Akash Chakravarty
Group Product Manager
Andrei Naeymi-Rad
VP, Corporate Strategy

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