Introducing IMO Precision Sets:
A better way to create, organize, and maintain value sets

Runtime: ~30 mins.


Do you find it challenging to accurately group and segment the patient populations needed for quality reporting, reimbursement, and research? Are your resources being drained navigating the complex clinical codes used to define and manage value sets and groupers?

We understand and want to help you eliminate those struggles with a new IMO solution.

Listen to our exclusive webinar introducing IMO Precision Sets, an innovative tool that can revolutionize your value set management. In this webinar, we will explore the capabilities of IMO Precision Sets and demonstrate how it can transform your organization's data management practices.

This session will:

  • Define healthcare value sets and identify common uses such as improving data quality
  • Examine challenges related to the creation, organization, and maintenance of value sets
  • Discuss IMO Precision Sets and its benefits

Featured speaker(s)

Mamtha Mishra
Product Manager, IMO Precision Sets

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