Given the rapid spread of COVID-19, the need to accurately document and diagnose new cases of the coronavirus is critical to patients, their communities, and the healthcare professionals who serve them. While we wish IMO’s expertise was not needed, this global pandemic is a unique opportunity to support our partner providers around the world in ways that only IMO can.

IMO Precision COVID-19 Sets
includes new value sets that can be used to identify and analyze patients with COVID-19 problems, diagnoses, and labs to assist with infection control measures and population health protocols.

We are now offering IMO Precision COVID-19 Sets to all IMO Core and Problem IT customers who have the March 26, 2020 release.

dditionally, IMO Precision COVID-19 Sets is available to all customers, completely free of charge, helping you to:

  • Leverage health information systems to identify and monitor patients who have documented COVID-19 problems, diagnoses, and lab test results
  • Analyze the effectiveness of your institution’s COVID-19 management protocol
To all healthcare providers, we are here to support you during this difficult time.

Please reach out with questions: Call us at 847-613-6655 or email [email protected].

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