Deliver better, more intentional care

Your EHR should help you deliver better, more intentional care. With IMO Core, it can. Our market-leading clinical interface terminology (CIT) solution:

  • Leverages a dictionary curated by clinical experts, allowing doctors to “speak doctor”
  • Provides a simple, organized view of the patient problem list, so clinicians can gain deeper clinical insights and optimize their care plans
  • Transmits data without loss of fidelity, allowing for greater system interoperability and the preservation of clinical intent


Bring order and organization to your problem list


Improve your problem list

EHR problem lists can be difficult to use due to poor organization and maintenance. This poses challenges not only at the point of care, but also when institutions seek to analyze data, create clinical decision support rules, and develop and implement population health initiatives.

The IMO Core problem list management tool helps clinicians organize problems into intuitive clinical categories so that they can quickly gain a comprehensive view of the patient’s health condition.


Additionally, you can simplify the problem list by identifying and removing:

  • Lapsed problems which have a finite duration and have already been resolved
  • Duplicate problems that are repetitive or synonymous
  • Related problems which refer to the same underlying issue but with a slight variation (ie. staging)


Struggling to find patient information

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Patient data: Lost in translation

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At the root of clinician burnout

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