The problem with the medical problem list: Evaluating its impact and paths to improvement

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The medical problem list should function like an executive summary of the important, relevant problems in a patient’s chart. But too frequently it’s plagued by issues that make a clinician’s job harder, not easier – notably inaccuracies, redundancies, and disorganization.

To learn more, IMO surveyed 300 physicians regarding the challenges and opportunities surrounding medical problem lists. The results suggest that a shift towards more structured, accurate, and intuitive lists could lead to better patient outcomes, ease administrative burdens, and support clinical decision-making.

Download now to explore key findings on:

  • The role of inaccuracies, redundancies, and organizational challenges in clinician frustration and burnout
  • The belief among participants in the benefits of an enhanced problem list for patient care
  • The advantages of a more categorized, navigable approach to managing medical problem lists

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