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The future of healthcare with generative AI: Hopes and hesitations

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Try as we may, none of us can predict the future of healthcare. But gather the educated guesses of industry experts and the possibilities come into much greater focus. With this in mind, we reached out to a number of leaders in health IT and artificial intelligence (AI) – clinicians and researchers, informaticists and product builders – to ask a question we at IMO have been weighing for a while.

How do you think generative AI might reshape healthcare in the next year or two, and what transformative effects could this have for your role and/or your organization? 

Our participants provided thoughtful and often optimistic responses that we’ve compiled for this end-of-year insight brief.

Among their predictions for what the future may hold are:

  • The creation of intuitive applications that allow for complex data analyses without the need for deep technical expertise
  • The generation of high-quality visit summaries for clinicians along with alternative versions for patients
  • The ability to offload tedious tasks and remove friction in areas such as patient engagement and back-office operations

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